Insurance in the Netherlands? Personal expat insurance quotes.

As an expat, you have plenty to do without worrying about insurance requirements. We’ll help you navigate the world of Dutch insurance so you can get all the cover you need.

Mandatory car insurance explained

Motorized vehicles in the Netherlands must be covered by third party liability insurance.

Mandatory health insurance explained

Almost all residents of the Netherlands are required by law to have basic health insurance.

home insurance, your house, your castle

Secure your property with building and fire insurance or home contents insurance.

Travel Insurance, Safe travels!

Find out your options for travel insurance in the Netherlands.

Liability Insurance, don’t make it personal

Don’t leave liability to chance: 99.9% of Dutch people are covered by personal liability insurance.

Insurance for expats living in the Netherlands

If you are an expat in the Netherlands, Dutch rules and culture when it comes to insurance may seem complex. Mandatory health insurance, and so many options to choose from… We’re here to help you understand what cover you need and how to get it.